• (Scottish Fold/BSH for Sale)

    I am a small breeder in the Heart of Beautiful Southern Oregon of quality champion bloodlines of Scottish Folds/Brits.


    Our kittens have sweet playful personalities and usually do well in single or large-family homes. I never inbreed or breed folded ear to folded ear. Our kittens are started on their vaccinations and deworming before leaving our home and come with a written health and spay/neuter contract agreement.


    Once I have received the veterinarian's verification of Spay-Neuter I will provide you with the CFA or TICA Registration Certificate. Prices do vary depending on Scottish-straight, Scottish-fold, or Brit.


    You can place your deposit toward a kitten upon availability. Your deposit will apply toward the final purchase price upon picking up your kitten.


    For more information on the availability of kittens or upcoming kittens that are usualy ready by 12-weeks of age. Please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • You're (Deposit) for Reserving a Kitten Can Be Made Through PayPal.