• (Scottish Fold/BSH for Sale)

    I am a small breeder in the Heart of Beautiful Southern Oregon out of quality champion bloodlines of Scottish Folds/Brits.


    Our kittens have sweet playful personalities and usually do well in single or large-family homes. I never inbreed or breed folded ear to folded ear. Our kittens are started on their vaccinations and deworming before leaving our home and come with a written health and spay/neuter contract agreement.


    Once I have received the veterinarian's verification of Spay-Neuter I will provide you with the CFA or TICA Registration Certificate. Prices do vary depending on Scottish-straight, Scottish-fold, or Brit.


    You can place your deposit toward a kitten upon availability. Your deposit will apply toward the final purchase price upon picking up the kitten.


    For more information on the availability of kittens, ready by 12-weeks of age. Please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • You're (Deposit) for Reserving a Kitten Can Be Made Through PayPal.